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Tom Porps

Tom Porps was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. His work with independent
films began in 2004 with the production Green Eyes for Anastice, a feature length sci-fi drama involving time travel. Tom served as the producer for that film and was instrumental in obtaining many locations and props that were integral to the story. He also starred in Green Eyes for Anastice, playing Graham Warner, a confused mentally ill man with a troubled past.

            Tom continued his producing work with the 45 minute short film TREE. In addition to obtaining locations and props, he got many people involved that were important to the success of the film’s production.

            Tom is married and lives in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.

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Drop Shadow Productions in Association with Gaslight Films & Rule 42 Productions Presents "TREE&quote;, Bill Elverman, Kate Berry, Avery Laine, Jeff Garretson, Score Jeff Arwady, Editor Michael R Steinbeck, Director of Photography Nicholas P Richards, Executive Producer Michael R Steinbeck, Screenplay Bill Elverman, Producer Tom Porps, Directed by Michael R Steinbeck, Not Rated, Copyright 2006 Drop Shadow Productions