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Nicholas P Richards

      Nicholas P. Richards began working in music performance. After deciding that music was not what he wanted to focus on, he decided to change directions and discovered a love for filmmaking.
    In his final semester at Madison Media Institute, Nicholas convinced all of his teachers to waive his final exam if he were able to incorporate the techniques learned in each class into a short film. Now able to spend an entire semester focusing all of his energy on the film, he directed Life in General.
Life in General acted as the catalyst for the creation of Rule 42 Productions. Nicholas used his diverse multimedia skills to take on numerous high profile clients, thereby creating a work environment where Nicholas could continue to write and direct. With the completion of the script for Transcendence, Nicholas began bringing to life his first solo writing/directing effort.

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Drop Shadow Productions in Association with Gaslight Films & Rule 42 Productions Presents "TREE&quote;, Bill Elverman, Kate Berry, Avery Laine, Jeff Garretson, Score Jeff Arwady, Editor Michael R Steinbeck, Director of Photography Nicholas P Richards, Executive Producer Michael R Steinbeck, Screenplay Bill Elverman, Producer Tom Porps, Directed by Michael R Steinbeck, Not Rated, Copyright 2006 Drop Shadow Productions