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Tom Porps

          Bill Porps was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. His work with independent films began in 2004 with the production Green Eyes for Anastice, a feature length sci-fi drama involving time travel. Bill stars as a bartender in the film.

            Bill continued his work with independent film by co-producing the short film TREE. He helped to obtain locations and props that were important to the success of the film’s production. He also has a cameo in the film.

            Bill is married and lives in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.

Drop Shadow Productions in Association with Gaslight Films & Rule 42 Productions Presents "TREE&quote;, Bill Elverman, Kate Berry, Avery Laine, Jeff Garretson, Score Jeff Arwady, Editor Michael R Steinbeck, Director of Photography Nicholas P Richards, Executive Producer Michael R Steinbeck, Screenplay Bill Elverman, Producer Tom Porps, Directed by Michael R Steinbeck, Not Rated, Copyright 2006 Drop Shadow Productions