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Bill Elverman

Bill Elverman was born and raised in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.

 After moving to California in 2005, Bill appeared in a number of stage productions, including the critically-acclaimed runs of Big Love and The Laramie Project at Anaheim’s Chance Theater. He shifted his focus to independent film in late 2005 and has achieved modest success in a short time.
Bill has kept busy in 2006 and has filmed leading and supporting roles in numerous films: A short western/horror film titled Ghost Town; a feature length horror flick titled The Valley Murder Tapes; a feature length thriller called Stratagem; and the short comedies Background, Hack the Planet and Memories of my Melancholy Copy Machine.  
Bill is also interested in writing, directing and producing films under his Gaslight Films independent movie label and writing scripts for other producer/directors. Bill recently completed work with Drop Shadow Productions, starring in and writing the script for its short film Tree.
  Bill is married and resides in Glendale, CA.  

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Drop Shadow Productions in Association with Gaslight Films & Rule 42 Productions Presents "TREE&quote;, Bill Elverman, Kate Berry, Avery Laine, Jeff Garretson, Score Jeff Arwady, Editor Michael R Steinbeck, Director of Photography Nicholas P Richards, Executive Producer Michael R Steinbeck, Screenplay Bill Elverman, Producer Tom Porps, Directed by Michael R Steinbeck, Not Rated, Copyright 2006 Drop Shadow Productions