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Avery Laine

Avery Laine was born November 20, 1997, in Ontario, Canada.

A natural performer, even as a very young child, Avery would create plays and shows and generate an audience for her performances by sending invitations to friends, family and neighbors. Her interest, talent and passion for acting has captured the attention of many around her. Avery has performed in local theatre productions and recently finished filming her first music video.

 Avery appears in a lead role as Katie, in her first independent film, TREE, coming in early 2007..

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Drop Shadow Productions in Association with Gaslight Films & Rule 42 Productions Presents "TREE&quote;, Bill Elverman, Kate Berry, Avery Laine, Jeff Garretson, Score Jeff Arwady, Editor Michael R Steinbeck, Director of Photography Nicholas P Richards, Executive Producer Michael R Steinbeck, Screenplay Bill Elverman, Producer Tom Porps, Directed by Michael R Steinbeck, Not Rated, Copyright 2006 Drop Shadow Productions